Should I Call a Personal Injury Solicitor Following an Accident?


Have you been involved in an accident recently? It can be a scary experience when you are involved in a car crash or an accident at work. In addition, it can also be a confusing time and if you have not gone through the process of a personal injury claim before, chances are you won’t know where to start. But, don’t worry; this happens to a lot of people and there are a lot of common questions that are asked. In particular, those that are involved in an accident often wonder if they should call a personal injury solicitor.


Usually the answer to this question is yes. Of course, it is possible to go through the process without a personal injury solicitor. But, this is not usually the best idea if you don’t know the law and if your case is complicated. In addition, it is more than likely that you are receiving treatment for your injuries, so your focus should be on getting back to full health. Even if your case is straight forward and you know the other person was at fault, a personal injury solicitor will provide you with the representation you need to make sure you get the compensation you deserve.


There are always obstacles in personal injury cases. Whether there is lack of evidence or some mistakes on your part, the law can get complicated. This can be a life changing event for you, so it is important that it goes right. For example, do you know what kind of compensation you are entitled to for your injuries? Are there subtractions for contributory negligence? These are the kind of difficult questions that a personal injury solicitor can answer for you. Their knowledge and experience mean that they have dealt with cases like yours before and know exactly how much compensation you are entitled to.


In addition, insurance companies are notoriously difficult to deal with. At the end of the day, they want to keep their pay-outs down, since this is how they make their money. This means that any chance they get, they will try to reduce your compensation and damages. They may offer you quick deals or less than your injuries are entitled to. This is especially true if they know you don’t have a personal injury solicitor for advice. That is why it is best to have the experience and expertise by your side throughout the process. Personal injury solicitors know how to communicate with insurance companies and how to negotiate the best compensation for your accident.


Always remember that it is never too late to speak to a personal injury solicitor. Even if you think that you are partly to blame or you haven’t been to the doctors, there are ways that a personal injury solicitor can help get you back on your feet. They always have your best interesting in mind when dealing with your case, which means you are also putting your best foot forward.


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