Rear End Car Accident Claims

Rear end car accidents claims have the highest rate of occurrence. This happens when one car ramps another one from behind. It is a universal law that a car that is behind should be in the lookout for the one in front. For this reason, it is always assumed that the car behind is the one at fault in these accidents. This is however not the case since the driver in front could be the cause of the accident, for example when he makes a sudden stop on a busy road. Other causes of rear end accidents include a distracted driver and skidding due to poor weather or worn out tires. It has been discovered that in most cases drivers involved in this type of accidents are usually on phone, texting while driving or tuning the radio hence failing to notice the car in front.

Rear end accidents can also be caused by external factors such as pedestrians or animals crossing the road, prompting the driver to apply sudden brakes. Considering this is an unexpected stop, the car behind will most likely crash into the one in front. In most cases, such types of accidents are not fatal considering it happens when both vehicles are in motion, and this reduces the impact. This is more so when the vehicles involved are of the same category. It can however be severe if it involves a small vehicle and a big one. A truck crashing into a saloon car might run it over and crush it completely while a saloon car crashing into a truck will most likely run underneath and be crushed as well. In such cases there are low chances of having survivors. Rear end accidents can also turn fatal if the front vehicle is a van. People sitting at the rear end are more likely to incur serious injuries or even get killed.

To try and prevent these accidents from occurring, the law requires the rear vehicle to maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front. This will enable the driver to stop in case the car in front pulls a surprise. For this reason, insurance companies usually require the rear vehicle to pay for the damages caused on the vehicle that has been hit. It is also important to always be attentive when driving and avoid getting distracted. Speed should be moderated as well depending on the limits in that particular area since over speeding in most cases result in accidents.